• I’m giving up . I’m giving up on life . I’m giving up on myself . I’m giving up on drinking myself to death. Im miserable  . Not happy with who I am and what I’ve became . I wanna be extraordinary not some insecure lonely girl that has no sense of direction for herself . That girl needs go change. I believe someone can change that for me but its not going to happen. I need to change that myself . I need adventure and not be hidden in my room all day in the dark wondering what I’m doing with myself . I hate working , hate it so much it’s not for me . I just wanna live life . I want to learn something new I want to expand myself . I deserve better then the life im living now . So much has happened to me and I DESERVE to live a good life . I am who I am now because I’m not happy with where I’m at . I left school in 10th grade . I regret it so much . I have no motivation anymore . New Jersey hates me I feel like God hates me and everyone else around me . I don’t have any luck . Whatever I do it’s haunts me mornjng good ever happens to me . I need a change . I want to change myself but I don’t know how . I don’t know where to start . I just want a sign . A sense of direction . 

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